John Lautner, Architect

                    The Schaffer Residence, 1949
                    527 Whiting Woods, Glendale, California 91208

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31K 522x616
Bathroom Ceiling Detail
49K 694x491
Bathroom Sink
39K 471x618
Living Room Detail
37K 508x611
Kitchen Backdoor
70K 500x656
38K 512x384
Patio Pivot Window
32K 417x542
Dining Room to Kitchen from Patio
64K 451x581
Living Room Passage Screen
38K 390x523
Living Room Fireplace
36K 533x416
Interior/Exterior Roofline Detail
37K 512x384
Interior/Exterior Dining Room Floor Detail
31K 512x384
Exterior Roof Detail
34K 512x384
Front Entryway From Street (1)
61K 512x384
Front Entryway From Street (2)
61K 512x384
Garage From Street (1)
71K 410x538
Garage From Street (2)
82K 605x452
Kitchen/Diningroom Roofline From Street
66K 512x384

Photos by: Mats Johansson.

Some Additional Images from Mossler, Deasy & Doe (realtors).

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Back Patio
85K 600x488
50K 486x600
Living Room/Dining Room
54K 600x484

For other details, go to the Mossler, Deasy & Doe website, click on Search Listings, and select John Lautner, from the Architects pulldown. Or just peruse all their listings. There's some pretty interesting stuff there.

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