Kenneth Marx - Software Engineer



Interested in applied and/or scientific problem solving, in an open, dynamic North Bay environment.

Professional Experience

 Vicor, Inc.,

Richmond, California, July 1997 - July 2004
Vicor builds large and small scale, image and web based, integrated systems for document processing, such as remittance and invoice data. Clients are typically financial institutions, especially some of the major banking concerns. Installed at over 20 production sites - typically multi-site, 24x7 operations.

Illustra/Informix Software Inc.

Oakland, California. December 1995 - June 1998
Illustra (later bought by Informix and now IBM) was an innovator in commercial true object relational data bases. The main product, the Informix Dynamic Server, allows for user defined data base types, including user defined server side methods on the objects. Other features include data blades, smart blobs, R-Tree (and other access methods), and various programmatic APIs.

Server Software R & D Engineer

TRW Financial Systems (TFS)

Berkeley/Oakland, California. October 1983 - December 1995
TFS is an integrator of large, image-based distributed network systems for custom applications in the international and domestic financial market. These systems process upwards of one million documents per day, and cover all phases of processing including high-speed image and data capture, image keying, mainframe interface, printing, and image/data archival.


University of California at Santa Cruz

Bachelor of Arts, Physics


Board of Directors, Volunteers in Asia, Stanford, California (1982-1990)
Volunteer Computer Instruction, James Kenny Recreation Center, Berkeley, California


Flute, Music, Cooking, Falconry, Japanese Language, Basketball, Bicycling, Coffee Roasting, Nixie Tubes